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Tamils have the right to commemorate Maveerar Day : Minister Vajira Abeywardene, in Poonagary

Some people have the question whether the Maveerar Day could be commemorated. But you can commemorate Maveerar Day. There is no question in it, said the Minister of Public Services and Local Government, Vajira Abeywardena.

The Inauguration Ceremony of the new Divisional Secretariat locate at the Poonagary Vadiyadi junction with funds of 14 Million under ENDRP Project and 60 million from Ministry of Public Services and Local Government was held yesterday. After declaring it open, he said so, addressing the gathering.

Elaborating further he said that, some people are worrying about commemorating the Maveerar Day. The Maveerar day could be commemorated. There were losses during the insurgencies in South during  the years 1971,87 and 88.Commemorations are being held for those who were killed in these insurgencies. S per our religion we have to pay homage to dead persons whether they are good or bad. It is not appropriate to force these on the police or armed forces or politicians. To say the truth we have to act humanely, said he.