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Tamils supported you, in the hope that a solution will be delivered, Sampanthan says to Maithri in Jaffna

We have given you our complete support in the hope that you will solve the problems of the Tamil people. You can definitely solve our problem. We have no doubt in Maithri will act in a way that he be acknowledged by the world as a leader who had solved the problems of the country, within the country, said the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the TNA, Era Sampanthan.

The Technological Centre of the Jaffna St. Patrick’s College, Jaffna was declared open by the President and Sampanthan said as above, participating in it.

We are sure that the president has the willingness to solve the problem of the Tamil. He has to encounter several challenges regarding this matter. He has to take action coping with these challenges.

Tamil people are not asking for a separate state. They are only asking for their due powers within united Sri Lanka. Tamil People’s problems had not been solved. The country cannot proceed like this. Several countries which had problems have progressed in solving them.