Wednesday 5 August 2020
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Tamils are voting to cheating politicians, says Rev.Fr. Sakthyvel

Tamils are voting to cheating politicians, says Rev.Fr. Sakthyvel

Social activist and the National Organizer of the Organization for releasing TPPs, Rev.Fr. Sakthyvel said that the Tamils are continuing to vote for Tamil political parties which give vague promises of finding political solution from time to time.

He said this during a meeting with media men yesterday in Vavuniya.

The uncertainty regarding the government and power that prevailed in 2018 in the Parliament is going to continue in 2019 also. The South is going to use 2019 as an anti- Tamil year. This is the 10th year of Muliwaikkal disaster and the 40th year of implementation of PTA.

The president is granting very senior post in Army to a person accused of genocide. What is the message he is giving to Tamil People. Is it, “You attacked us earlier. We are ready in every means to hit you back?”

He is trying to grab Tamil Lands through Mahaweli L Zone.

He is grabbing Tamil lands through the Department of Forest and Archaeology.

Coastal lands belonging to Tamils are being grabbed through the Ministry of Fisheries.

The disintegration of our struggle is caused not only by the South, but also by our own political Leaders.

Hence, it is essential that awareness is created in the people, build up people power to betterment of our future, he said.

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