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Tamils will not accept a Solution within unitary state system, strong Signal given to south from North

The Members of NPC and several public organizations have insisted that the Government is engaged in hiding the human right violation in the guise of development.  Tamils will never accept a solution within unitary state system. The Tamil Members of Parliament, should act with composure and certainty in the matter of Solution, they said.

Human Rights day celebrations were held in Regional Health Services Secretariat yesterday morning. The above matter was insisted in this event. If the TNA indicates to the Government at this juncture that the Tamils will not accept a solution within unitary state system, they could avoid the next disappointment, or the international community will realize the clear truth that the Tamil faction had rejected what is given as a solution, they said.

In this event under the aegis of Ananthy Saseetharan, Attorneys at Law, Karikalan, Sukas, MPc., Sivajilingam,The president of the federation of Mannar District public Organizations, S Sivakran, Rev. Frs. Mangalarajah and Sebamalai and Lecturer of Jaffna University, Ganeshalingam spoke in this event.