Sunday 9 August 2020
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Tamizh Makkal Thesya Kootanii requests the International Community in its Election Manifesto, to hold a Referendum on Final Solution

Tamizh Makkal Thesya Kootanii requests the International Community in its Election Manifesto, to hold a Referendum on Final Solution

The Tamizh Makkal Thesya Kootanii led by Justice C.V.Wigneswaran has requested the International countries and the United Nations to hold an international referendum in North and East so that the Tamil people could retain their existence in Sri Lanka to protect them from an overall genocide, resolve  conflicts  and to obtain a permanent solution.

The Election Manifesto of the Tamizh Makkal Thesya Kootanii was published by Justice C.V.Wigneswaran in a public meeting held at the Vavuniya Town Council Hall yesterday, Sunday. Large number of people participated in this event.

This Election Manifesto starts with an introductory note which is revealing ancient history of the Tamil people with evidential information, which commences with, “Tamil Society in Sri Lanka which was concentrated mainly in the Northern and Eastern Districts and also in some localities of the Puttalam District had its origins in an intermixture of the Peoples of the Mesolithic and Megalithic cultures. The Mesolithic culture had existed for a long period of 28000 years BC. The People of the Megalithic culture identified as Dravidians by Senarat Paranavitarana, a former Archaeological Commissioner, started moving into the Island since 800 BC from various parts of South India. The intermixture was a long process that was consummated during the Early Historic Period (250 BC to 300 AD)”. This introductory note has been contributed by Professor Pathmanathan, Emeritus Professor of History, Chancellor, Jaffna University. A long historical note indicating major events of the history of the ethnic problem of Sri Lanka, has also  been included in this Election Manifesto.

It has been said in this election manifesto that the objective of the Tamizh Makkal Thesya Kootanii  is to win over a maximum power devolution within federal system with shared sovereignty in the merged North and East on the basis that Tamil people are a Nation, North and East are their Traditional Home Land and they are entitled for an inalienable Right of Self Determination and that  when a referendum is held, this federal solution will be one of several options of the referendum.

Meanwhile a request also has been made in this election manifesto, that until such time a final solution is reached through the referendum, India, United Nations and the International Community, especially the  Co- chair countries  which provided the facilitation for the former negotiations should take action through political and diplomatic channels to institute an interim solution so as to reconstruct the areas of North and East devastated by the war.

This Election Manifesto  also  has emphasized the righteous responsibilities of India, International Countries by stating that in a context where Sri Lanka had consented before International Countries  to accept the problems of the Tamil people and to explore the possibility of finding a solution on the basis of a Federal System during the peace talks in Oslo, they cannot evade that responsibility saying that no solution is now necessary for Tamil people , just because the Liberation Tigers are non-existent.

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