Wednesday 8 July 2020
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Telecommunication Tower at Pannai / Jaffna topples, One woman slightly injured

Telecommunication Tower at Pannai / Jaffna topples, One woman slightly injured

The tallest telecommunication tower in Sri Lanka, located at Pannai/Jaffna toppled yesterday all of a sudden. Much tension was created in the area immediately, but the tension subsided after it was found out that lives were lost and only woman was slightly injured.

The traffic to the Island sector was diverted through an alternate road because of this misshape that occurred at around 3.30 p.m. yesterday. This tallest tower in Sri Lanka constructed in 1969, had gone redundant after the war. However annual maintenance work was carried out. In this context arrangement were being made for the last six months to dismantle this tower.

The top parts measuring 100′ of this 180′ tower had been already dismantled. Only 80′ high part of the tower was remaining. The stay cables which anchored the tower were being removed one by one. yesterday also this work was in progress.

Luckily the staff attending the work had left the tower for drinking tea. At that time only one cable was holding the tower. This was rusted and unable to hold the tower, it has broken and the tower came down heavily damaging a coconut tree, a vehicle park of a government Department close by and a Motor cycle. Telecom establishment to which the tower belonged said that no telecommunication service or web site service was affected by the accident.The injured woman was lashed by the broken cable and immediately admitted to the hospital

Dismantling the balance portion was in progress yesterday and the police was conduction further inquiries.

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