Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Tension again in Mayakkalli Malai/ Irrakkamam

Tension again in Mayakkalli Malai/ Irrakkamam

Tension was created in Mayakalli malai on Saturday, when some Buddhists tried to clear the land there and put up residents there.

Some Buddhist monks and some Buddhist people had purchased a land from a Tamil person there and had started clearing and construction sheds when the tension was created again in the area.

The Easter Provincial Minister of Health, A.L.Mohamed Naseer  visited the spot directly  for studying the problem there, had discussion with the said religious organization and the Security Forces and  made arrange ment to prohibit the construction and had taken action to inform the President of the matter.

Following this peace returned to the area. Follow up actions will be taken, it was said. All the activities undertaken there by the Buddhist person were stopped by the intervention of the Minister.


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