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Tension among people in Kalmunai by sea water invading into homes

Tension and excitement prevailed in Kalmunai at the early hours of yesterday, when sea water advanced about 100 meters in the village at around 3.00a.m. People ran in welter and fear towards safe areas.

The sea water had advanced past the Tsunami memorial tower, said the area social worker, Chndrasekaram Rajan.

Much tension is prevailing in the area as the sea water had not gone back. Sea water had also advanced into the historically famous Sri Thirukkovil Chithravelayutha Swamy temple on Sunday. Sea water had advanced into an area around 500 meters from the temple. waters had come into the village to a distance of more than 100 meters.

Because of this people had run away in fear of Tsunami.

It is notable that earth worms were found dead in large numbers around the above temple. Warning were announced through the audio system of the Temple.The boats and nets of the fishermen were found heavily damaged.

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