Tamil Diplomat

Tension again due to Sumanarathna Thero trying to establish a vihare in a private land in Pankuda veli located on Badulla –Chenkaldi Road

Tension was caused again by Sumanarathne’s Thero rowdiness in Batticaloa, by him forcing into a private land, which had a Bo tree within its premises.

Saying that there are Buddhist remains to be seen in the land and there was Buddhist place of worship in the land, he entered the land and staged a sit in. He also had said that he is to construct a place of worship there. Hearing of this the area people had converged there. Some Sinhalese people living in the area had also come there. Following the Karadiyan Aru police being informed of the thero’s transgression, police and the Archaeological Department official came to the spot and spoke with the thero, but he did not hear any of them. Later the police obtained an injunction against road- blocking demonstration, entering the above land and constructing any structures in the land.

Batticaloa District MP, S.Viyalendran came to the spot and insisted with the police to immediately implement the courts order. Following police speaking to the hero he went out of the land with his cohorts brought down specially from Amparai and went to Batticaloa District Secretariat.