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Advertisement Policy

We welcome business to advertise their business on our website and encourage governmental and non-governmental bodies, agencies and academia to place advertisements to ensure that their message received proper exposure in a respectable news website.

The Tamil Diplomat reserves the right to refuse advertisements which may be defamatory or offensive or which promote products that many be considered indecent or illegal and are in our opinion, potentially offensive to our editorial policy and vision & mission statements.

All advertisements created by The Tamil Diplomat will be proofed to the advertiser prior to publication. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that any copy proofed and approved is accurate, legal and copyright free. The Tamil Diplomat takes no responsibility for loss or damage resulting in an advert being incorrect, having been proofed and approved by the advertiser.

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The Tamil Diplomat welcomes advertisers to design their own advertisements as per the terms and conditions set out above. The advertisements created by the advertiser must have been proofread and edited prior to submission to The Tamil Diplomat.

Invoicing and payment

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Advertisers and their customers

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Data Protection

All details of advertisers are kept strictly confidential and will never be passed on to a third-party (unless required to do so under legal or regulatory statute).

Changes to Terms and Conditions

The Tamil Diplomat, at all times, reserves the right to change the terms and conditions set out here in this document without prior written notice to any of its advertisers and any subsequent changes will become applicable with immediate effect.