Sunday 12 July 2020
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Text books including the History of Tamils to be published: State Minister of Education, V.Rathakrishnan

Text books including the History of Tamils to be published: State Minister of Education, V.Rathakrishnan

The State Minister for Education, V.Rathakrishnan has said that, action will be taken to publish text books with the History of Tamils.

He also said that the discrepancies in the Hindu Religious books will be rectified before publishing them. He said this while speaking in the Parliamentary debate on day before yesterday.

A cabinet paper has been tabled for the appointment of Teachers Advisors and 1,200 Teachers Advisros in Tamil Medium and that action will be taken to establish a Higher National Education Centre at Nuwara Eliya, he further said.

One thought on “Text books including the History of Tamils to be published: State Minister of Education, V.Rathakrishnan

  1. P.Selvaratnam

    On 23/11/2017 there was a meeting in Eastham which the Minister attended. During Q&A I told him that on the one hand the govt is doing PEACE Education in secondary schools. On the other Sinhalese students are taught distorted History which creates ethnic enmity in Sinhalese students against ethnic minorities:
    ”Sri Lanka’s history curriculum needs serious revisiting, as it perpetuates the ‘othering’ of minority communities. …..Sinhala Grade 6 history syllabus is highly problematic. It claims that the Sinhalese King Dutugemunu defeated the Tamil, ‘foreign’ ruler Elara in a war to protect Buddhism, to ‘reunite the country’ and ‘liberate the country from foreign rule’ By contrast, the Tamil Grade 6 history syllabus cites Elara as a leader that ruled ‘with justice.’ How do the Sinhala and Tamil, Ministry of Education-sanctioned, textbooks carry such opposing interpretations of history? ” – The Danger in Distorted Education: Sri Lanka’s History Curriculum, Shamara Wettimuny, 29 October 2016,

    Many more examples over several decades:

    I don’t know how the decision to produce textbooks with History of Tamils is related to my comment. In what language is he going to do it?
    What is extremely important is that Sinhala students are not taught (in Sinhala medium) distorted History.about Tamils – I hope the Minister got my comment in the way I meant it. If History of Tamils is written in Tamil Sinhalese students are not going to read it. If History of Tamils is included in the History of Sri Lanka Sinhalese students will have to learn it. Therefore correcting the wrong sections in the textbooks that are already there is very crucial. This can be done only with the consent of those responsible for producing History textbooks at National Institute of Education. Both Sinhala and Tamil media textbooks must teach the REAL History of Sri Lanka without any distortion. Then it is easy to reap the benefits of PEACE Education (Hope very much so).

    The Minister is welcome to produce books on History of Tamils or whatever.
    Certainly Plantation sector needs a lot of attention in many aspects of Education, esp Science, Maths and English as discussed in the meeting. Hope the Minister will be able to get down teachers from India if it needs be – this was also part of the opinion raised in the meeting.


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