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Tharakki Sivaram: A Proud Asset of Tamil Nationalism

By Parani Krishnarajani

April 29th is the day of remembrance of Tharakki Sivaram, a great soul.

Many of us, including me, staunchly believed that Sivaram was murdered in cold blood then, to suppress the dissenting voice of Tamil nationalism.

But when I look back and think about the dastardly event, I can now perfectly understand that the crime that was committed jointly by the genocidal Government of Sri Lanka and the international forces was indeed having a wider ramification and that was precisely their intention.

In the stage of Tamil Nationalism, no one but Sivaram had ever attempted to put forward concepts and ideologies that were full of foresight and related wisdom.

The direction of the world has undergone a radical change from the period between his murder and now. But his works and his ideologies stand the test of time in this contemporary world which is something astonishing.

We live in the age of many analysts, and think-tanks whose research are either irrelevant or have changed their stands as per the changing situations. Sivaram is a unique figure whose fame continues to live in this chaos.


Sivaram continues to be a proud asset of Tamil Nationalism and that would not be an exaggeration of any kind.

The Sinhala establishment with its clear genocidal intent and some elements among us who benefit to deny and distort our history have commenced their onslaught in full swing. Under these circumstances, the absence of Sivaram is felt more by me.

The reasons why the Sinhala establishment and the international forces that are hell bent in destroying the Tamil aspirations are fully clearer now than ever before.

Tharakki Sivaram was not only the first to declare and warn the presence of something called “Project Beacon”, a conspiracy to destroy the Tamil nation by international forces, but also was laid slain as part of the same project.

Project Beacon

 After the signing of peace accord in the month of November, 2005, the international forces and the regional forces met at Oslo and sealed a confidential pact called “Operations Beacon”.

 In the pretext of signing the accord, the parallel powers came together with the sole motive of destroying the Tamil militant movement. Project Beacon was a master plan drawn by both India and Sri Lanka with close cooperation from certain elements of the American establishment.

The Tamil Tigers have as a matter of fact been vocal about this project. The Tigers knew the fact that they would be annihilated by 2009, that they would begin to lose their territory from the coastal regions and they would be completely destroyed in an area somewhere near Puthukkudiyiruppu. They were aware of Project Beacon by 2007 and hinted publicly about it in the year 2008.


But people tend to forget things with ease. Why did the Tigers not attempt to find an alternative despite knowing the web that was being spun around them?  We are not here to answer that specific question. After knowing everything, the Tigers still chose to fight till the end against the conspiracy hatched by the regional / international powers on behalf of the Tamil nation. So a simple explanation is virtually not possible.

Disrupting the activities of the Tamil nation among the diaspora, wrecking the procurement of weapons in the international arena, destroying the political infra-structure of the Tamil Tigers, differentiating the Tamil Tigers from the general populace of the motherland, and finally annihilating the Tamil Tigers completely were the hallmarks of Project Beacon, a project masterminded by the international community with the sole motive of defeating the Tamil aspirations.

The Tamil Tigers were also aware that after the de-facto state of Tamil Eezham and its government would be destroyed, its people subjected to genocidal intentions, and the nationalist spirit of the Tamils would be shaken by planting Tamil politicians who would be nothing but a bourgeois and puppets of the very powers who planned the destruction. They seem to know the nuances of this sinister design and have indeed hinted the same publicly.


That is exactly what we get to see now. And we could well term this as Project Beacon-2. We get to know that this arrangement was finalized somewhere in Singapore and South Africa, after the western powers in collusion with the regional power (India) worked in sync with the stooges among us, identified by the Sinhala establishment.

We anyways were not interested to highlight that.

It was not just the annihilation of Tamil Tigers that was achieved. People who had the wherewithal to continue the struggle after the Tamil Tigers and who were identified as the lobby group for the Tamil Tigers were also mercilessly put down.

Tharakki Sivaram is an example and the other person murdered was Joseph Pararajasingam.

While the former had the political acumen to counter the charge that Tamil Tigers did not commit any war crime, the later had the wherewithal to continue the Tamil national struggle.

Both were not seen in the right light and hence they were obliterated mercilessly from the scene.

In this day of remembering Tharakki Sivaram, this article aims at giving an explanation to certain accusations about the Tamil Tigers. Probably that can be the best way to remember a stalwart like Tharakki Sivaram.

Human shield

One another important aspect of Project Beacon is the sinister design to brand the Tamil Tigers as war criminals. Even as early as 2005 when the peace accord failed and war erupted, this particular aspect of Project Beacon was implemented. The cunningness of this act cannot be forgotten. It is no mean task to annihilate an entire de facto government that was en vogue and fully functioning.

Let us come to the point now. After destroying the external contacts of the Tamil Tigers by branding them a terrorist organization, the next master move was to differentiate the populace from the Tigers in the very region that was under their control.

Mullivaikkal 3

They categorized the area under the control of the Tamil Tigers into three distinct regions. From 2006 to 2009, in the three years, it was envisaged to take one area per year under their control. That is exactly how the assignment was finished successfully by our adversaries. The Project hinted that people will also move along with the Tigers and will be invariably entrapped in a small area. During that time, the people who are caught between the Sinhala forces and the Tamil Tigers can be shown to be “human shields” and in that aspect the Tigers can be castigated as war criminals. That was the sinister motive and the exact happening demonstrated the same.

The Tamil Tigers never used people as human shield. The term was an invention by the very forces that came together at Tokyo and Oslo under the sinister plan of Project Beacon. It was there they used this term for the very first time. It can be mentioned that no war had started when the term was first used by then.

This was known to Sivaram and he made sure to inform the Tamil Tigers about this design.

How many of us know this simple truth? Today the Tamil Tigers face this accusation basis this well executed plan. How can we ever convince the so called Human Rights activists, Democratic forces, Researchers and other Politicians who have no knowledge on the subject but keep ranting about this?

The complexity created as a result made us to realize off late of the fact that killing Tharakki Sivaram was also part of Project Beacon. Should Tharakki be alive he would have smashed the aspersion that Tigers used people as human shields. He would have produced enough evidence as part of Project Beacon to pooh-pooh the theories of human shield.

It is high time people realized how finer details were drawn as part of Project Beacon and they were put into action in annihilating the Tamils and their de facto nation in the island.

We have no clue where those documentary evidences of “human shield” aspersions that would be cast on Tamil Tigers were deposited. I am convinced they do not exist anymore or they have been completely lost. The last of evidences and documents pertaining to human shield accusations might have been incinerated along with the other documents in the Nandikadal lagoon.

The persons whom I believe are witnesses to the information are now with the adversaries. And that is the bane of this race.

The Principles of Nandikadal

Without having an iota of understanding on the liberation struggle against state sponsored terror, revolutionary flames, the just movement of people, the brutal putting down of liberation movements by States and its’ machineries in the guise of regional stability and international relation, our own people rally to castigate the Tigers. It is precisely at this point, the loss of stalwarts like Sivaram creates great pain.

But Nandikadal stands as a silent yet powerful symbol of refusal to budge. The symbol has come to justify the struggles of the races that have been denied their due rights.


Nadikadal offers immense warnings and important lessons for the nations at war to gain their liberation, about the nature of people who lead the struggle, and the ploys that would be implemented to further ethnic oppressions.

Nandikadal silently stands as witness to the deep relation the Tigers had with their people in the final days of the war. Nandikadal also stands testimony in smashing the fabrications of the powers involved deploying all their military and political machineries to the determent of the asserting race.

Nandikadal not only occupies a special place in the history of the Tamil struggle but shall continue to occupy a special place in the history of all the races and ethnicities that have been waging a relentless war for their liberation.