Tamil Diplomat

The Centre excluding the North using the influence, accuses the CM, Wigneswaran

Today’s Government is attempting to heap the powers at the Center instead of Devolution. In every matter it tries to tighten the grip rather than loosening it, accused the CM, NPC, C.V.Wigneswaran.

The projects that are being implemented here or to be implemented are more beneficial to south rather than North. Although the government actions are seemingly showing goodwill signals, indirectly they are tightening the hold on the PCs, he said.

The “Grama Rajya” scheme drafts is aimed at making the village level and district level to gain more power than the PC, thereby strengthening the grip of the central government on the provinces. we hope that the attitude of the Center should change and it should work in cooperation with the PC to provide the needs and livelihood of our people, he said .