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The CM acted to get TNA defeated: Mawai Senathirasa roars in Vavuniya

The Chief Minister of Northern Province, Instead of saying that he supports the manifesto of the TNA, he issued statements to mean that, the TNA should be defeated. But, despite these Tamil people gave the TNA a massive victory, said Mawai Senathyrasa in Vavuniya at a reception held to the new MPs, Charles Nirmalanathan and Shanthy Sriskantharasa at the IATK office, Thayagam.

A new movement had been started. Truths had been hidden and propaganda undertaken as if the TNA had not asked for International Investigation, and asking for internal mechanism. What done by the UN  is an International Investigation. The Northern CM is also a part of this movement.

We have insisted on an International Investigation in our Manifesto and people had given us massive ratification. What will be the worth of signatures against that, he asked.

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