Tamil Diplomat

The CM visits the newly released land: Needs of the resettled studied by him

NPC CM, C.V.wigneswaran made a sudden visit to lands released recently from within the HSZ. During this he went up to  and inspected the newly erected HSZ  FDL. He inquired about the lands still to be released and the current situation in the released areas.  Vali North, Thellipalai Divisional Secretary Siri Mohan and Sajeevan from the Vali North Resettlement and Rehabilitation Group were present during the CM’s Visit.

Particularly he inquired from the people about the Boundaries, and the basic amenities like  wells, houses, and toilets and about the roads that should be renovated.People told them that they are unable to find the boundaries of their lands and that their houses are completely destroyed. They said, they have vanished without a trace.