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The Contribution of women in politics is very low: Says the Minister of Women’s Affairs in Kilinochchi

Although women constitute 52% of the population, their contribution in politics, is very low, said the Minister of Women’s Affairs Minister, Chandrani Bandara, while speaking in the Empowering the Women of North Event held at Kilinochchi. Even in the Parliament women representation is only 5.7% she said.

Speaking further she said she is happy in organizing an empowering Event and participating in it. She also said that she want thank the people of the Northern Province for providing a support of Gigantic strength to change the regime.

Speaking in the same event the State Minister of Women’s Affairs, Wijekala Maheswaran said that in the guise eradicating Terrorism and the Tigers, the former Government had killed hundred thousand. Although 9 years had passed from the end of the war nothing had been done to improve the livelihood of the people of Northern Province, who had been badly affected by war. Especially woman leadership families are affected badly she said.