Friday 19 July 2019
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The Current Political Expectation of Tamils in Sri Lanka

The Current Political Expectation of Tamils in Sri Lanka


We should need a strategic road map to political solution. The efficiency of third party intervention in the conflict resolution in diplomatic, military and economic should be vigilant. We need the time frame for democratization, devolution of power and demilitarization.

The Changes in the Sri Lankan Political Constitutions and its impact on Tamils Freedom Struggle

The struggle for the Tamils Political rights transformed with the constitutional changes in Sri Lanka. Tamils struggle for their rights shall be analysis in 9 phases. According to Sri Lanka constitutional changes. These are as follows:

Phase I                         (1931-1947)

Phase II                        (1948-1972)

Phase III                       (1972-1978)

Phase IV                      (1978-1987)

Phase V                        (1988-2001)

Phase VI                      (2002-2009)

Phase VII                     (2009 -2010 Nov)

Phase VIII                    (2010 Nov-up to now) Phase IX (expected federal)

The curve for the Minority peoples needs for their civil rights, against the Majority People’s Constitution is as follows:


Tamils Political needs with time


The series constitutional changes occurred in Sri Lanka which gradually dwindle the Tamils political rights. Therefore Tamils forced to r for their rights. At the early stage in non violence. But it was counteract by the violence. Therefore our struggle for the political rights also transformed to violence unfortunately.

Understanding the Fundamental facts mathematically and predict the future is very essential for the Tamil for the sustainable peace and reconciliation. If we do the social scientific approach, not only ewe can prevent future disasters and also make sustainable social harmony.

Phase I 1931-1947)             –  From Donamor Constitution to Solphery Constitution (Sixteen  years)

Phase II (1948-1972)         – From Solphery Constitution to 1972 Republic Constitution

Phase III                               –    (1973-1978)

From 1st Republic Constitution to the Republic Constitution

Phase IV                                – (1979-1987)

                                                   From 2nd  Republic Constitution to 31st Amendment

Phase V                                  – (1988-2001) From 13th Amendment to 17th Amendment

Phase VI                               –  (2002-2009) From 17th Amendment to May 2009

Phase VII                              – (2009-2012) From 18th Amendment to now)

Phase VIII                            –  (Federal Constitution expected)

Tamil’s struggle for the civil rights changed as follows:

R = α Sinθ f (x)  f(y)+ μ

Tamil’s struggle for the civil rights with time

Graph 2

R – Tamils struggle for the Political Need

K Constant Sine

Sin θ          = α

α          –  the ratio between the minority people political need in the constitution and the majority people’s political rights in the constitution.

μ                      – Constant

Further political issue can not be replaced by military or economic aids. It merely masks the conflict. We are not in a position of shuttle diplomacy. Our needs are opened. Tamil need the international support and the security guarantee which was failed during the war. Since the Sri Lankan Budget allocation for security forces is high it means its machinery is still active against Tamil.

We understand that the unipolar world from the West to East merged in North and East of Sri Lanka. It ended with thousands of civilians’ deaths and destruction of the whole Tamil society without any international accountability or responsibility. The delayed justice is always injustice.

We need the international judicial system for Humanitarian Tamil Catastrophe happen in  2009.

  1. Killing, if 150,000 Tamils  through widespread shelling and more than 300,000  people  are suffering from

Pneumoultramicroscopicsilicovolvcanaconisosis  and other air pollutants.

  1. Shelling of hospitals and humanitarian objects.
  2. Denial of Humanitarian assistance.
  3. Human rights violations suffered by Tamil victims and survivors of Tamils
  4. Human right violation against Tamil outside the Vanni

It is still going on like Military threatening, Forced Sinhala language implementation and colonization of Sinhalese in Tamils traditional home land. Sri Lanka seeks investment China, India and Japan cover the Genocide expenses of 2009  and on going Singala Colonization  in  the North. The  government has done a U turn on the port City Programme. Most of the money was utilised  to demolish Tamils  property and kill Tamils. China , India  tussle for influence as Sri Lankan seeks investment . Tamils Political Rights are  neglected by the  investors.

We hope US/UN medicated political solution. It must be like a federal democratic system which is existing in Belgium or Swiss.



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