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The First Fish meal factory of the North declared open at Pooneryn

The first fish meal factory of the North was declared opened yesterday at Pooneryn  by the NPC Minister of Cooperatives , P. Ainkaranesan.

The breeding of “Koduwa” and “ Palai” varieties in Fish farms had been undertaken Pooneryn and Pallikudah areas by the Fishermen Cooperative Societies along the beaches. They were finding it difficult to provide protein feeds to the fish earlier. Small fish caught in the nets were used to make fish meal up to now. This factory had been set up having this in mind. 

This facto was set up with the Rs.4 million aid granted by International Workers Organization.

There are several currently put up in North which will be benefited by this factory.

The Project Director of the International workers Organization, Nihjal Devagiri, Asst. Director of Cooperative Development, K.Arunthavanathan, Asst.Director of Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Kilinochchi District,  E.Raneendran, and the president of  the Pooneryn Fishermen’s cooperative Federation, Joseph Francis took part in this event with the Minister.

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