Tamil Diplomat

The Government and the International community in an atmosphere favourable to us, Sampanthan

In a context where the GOSL and the International Community are in apposition favourable to us, If we fail to utilize these opportunities we will be forced back into zero position again, said the Leader of TNA, Ra. Sampanthan.

A meeting was held in Trincomalee Town Council hall to brief members of the PCs and PSs regarding the matters to be submitted to the Special Presidential Task Force, with the Minister of Education of the EPC C.Thandayuthapani in chair.

Elaborating further he said that, the UNHRC report on Sri Lanka was postponed following the GOSL promising to cooperate with UN and UNHRC. UNHRC wishes that, the truth about what happened in Sri Lanka during war. Its Special Raporteur  also had visited Sri Lanka. These events indicate that an appropriate atmosphere had been created for us. When the GOSL announces the new election process we will contest the elections.

He further explained the reports on Land disseizes, Employment /livelihood problems, Rehabilitation, arrested youths, missing persons, widows, and the cultural centres, temples, mosques,  churches, destroyed in the past, and said that the time has dawned to use opportunity properly.

Northern people should rise again with self confidence, forgetting the traumas created by war, advises the DIstrict Secretary, Jaffna, N.Vethanayagan .

A training programme  for 60 northern women- entrepreneurs  under the financial sponsorship of Asia Foundation was held at the Commerce and Management faculty lecture hall of the Jaffna university yesterday.

Speaking there the District Secretary said that, the Northern people had lost self confidence due to the 30 years war. They should rise up again as a society with self confidence he said.