Wednesday 12 December 2018
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The Meeting of NPC CM and the British Parliamentary group deliberately prevented

The Meeting of  NPC CM and the British Parliamentary group  deliberately prevented

The meeting between the NPC CM and the visiting all party group from British Parliament has been deliberately prevented, it is learnt.

The British Parliamentary all Party Group which had come on a visit on Thursday, to find out what sort investments could be undertaken in the North met the President Maithripala Sirisena on the same day. Subsequently it had met the spokesman for TNA and MP, M.A.Sumanthiran also on the same day.

The said group came to the North Yesterday. They had met the Northern Governor and the Commander, SF – Jaffna and had returned at noon to Colombo. Their itinerary had originally included a meeting with the CM but it was abandoned at the last moment it is learnt. It is also learnt that the group was dissatisfied  regarding not being able to meet the CM.

Meanwhile, in a context where  some Tamil Leadership had attempted to prevent the meeting of the CM with the Malaysian Prime Minister and on failing in their attempt they had expressed their dissatisfaction to the Government, and as a consequence the meeting of the CM with the British Parliamentary group had been prevented it is said. Thet same Tamil Leadership had exerted pressure on the Government to avoid meetings of the CM with foreign delegations and very important persons from abroad.

In a context where, the popularity of the CM among the Tamil People is increasing ,he is openly criticizing the pro-Government stance of the TNA. Further he had expressed strong criticism on the Interim Report. It is notable that, the meeting of the International Representatives with the CM are being prevented  in this context.

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