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The new constitution should be drafted accepting the self determination rights of Tamils: Suresh Premachandran

Former TNA MP, Suresh Premachandran had said that the new constitution of Sri Lanka should be drafted accepting the self determination rights and accepting the sovereignty of the Tamil People. Minister Dilan Perera had said that the SLFP will propose a solution with 13th amendment as the basis. 13th amendment cannot facilitate devolution of power. Although UNP had not announced their proposal, they will probably propose unitary state. Both are unacceptable to Tamil People.

North and East should be merged. The decision between Unitary state and Federal system. Devolution of power is not possible in unitary state system. Hence, and environment of accepting Federal system should be created.  Tamils are not a minority race. They are a national race. Hence they have the right of self determination. The power should be devolved on this basis. A consensus should be reached regarding Land, police, Tax collection and Administration. New constitution should neither be a charter of a political party, nor a charter of a single race but be a constitution for the whole country.

Unless the constitution recognize Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims as national races   and recognize their right of self determination, anti- Tamil schemes of the earlier government will continue. If pre-planned Sinhala colonization, schemes against the education of Tamils, schemes against their employment opportunities, massacres of Tamils, destruction of the uniqueness of the Tamils should not happen again, the new constitution should be drafted recognizing the self determination rights of Tamil and their sovereignty. The solution should be a sustainable one acceptable to Tamil people. A solution that will fulfill the aspirations should be reached.

I sincerely hope that, the Tamil People’s council which had been formed as per the need of the time, will prepare such a document and submit it to the Government, he ha said.