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The news put out by some media regarding Siva Pasupathy, “Mischievous”, TPC Leader, C.V.Wigneswaran

The CM, NPC and the Leader of the Tamil People’s Council (TPC) drubbed the news some Indian media had put out saying that the former Attorney General and the member of the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the LTTE, Siva Pasupathy had rejected the invitation to participate in the TPC Sub-Committee for drafting proposals for the solutions for ethnic problems and told Wigneswaran that he did not think that forming a separate outfit like the TPC was appropriate, as “mischievous” news against the TPC.

Siva-Pasupathy-1Answering an inquest by The Tamil Diplomat correspondent who contacted him, whether a news item published by the Indian media to the effect that Siva  Pasupathy had rejected the invitation by you to participate in the  TPC Sub-Committee for drafting  proposals for the solutions for ethnic problems is true?, he said that, it is a mischievous  news against the TPC and that he does not have any need to answer that question.

A resident of Australia, Siva Pasupathy is on a visit to Jaffna and currently based there.

When the 2nd meeting of the TPC was held in Jaffna last week, it was announced that 2 of the 15 members who are to be nominated to the sub-committee to study about the Political solution, will be nominated on behalf of the CM. On behalf of the Political Parties, each party proposed 2 members each in that meeting. It is only in this context that the CM had taken action to nominate the former Attorney General, Siva Pasupathy as one of his nominees.

82 years old now, Siva Pasupathy had served for 13 years (1975 – 1988) as the 34th Attorney General of Sri Lanka. He is also a Presidential Counsel. He served as the advisor to the Negotiation team of the LTTE which engaged in negotiations with the United National Front of  Ranil Wickremsinghe, abroad and had served as representative of the Political Affairs Committee of the LTTE. This is the committee that drafted the Interim Self Governance Authority (ISGA) which was submitted by the LTTE to the Sri Lankan Government.

An old boy of Colombo Ananda College and Jaffna Hindu College,  Siva Pasupathy completed his Graduate studies at University of Ceylon , and his post-Graduate studies at Cambridge University in the UK.