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The only way to solve land disputes is de-militarization : Mattram Organization

The Mattram Organization had recommended that the key to solve the land problem is to de-militarist or retrenchment of military personnel in the North. The report on Land problems in North and East in the Post-war period with a theme of ‘ Land and us’  was published yesterday in the presence of NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaran. Some highlights of the reportage given below:

 *The government should announce that there shall be no interference by the Army in Religious and Civil affairs.

* A mechanism for the public to receive justice in incidents of indiscipline of Armed Forces.

* eliminate military presence fully, in the routine life of people.

*Separate Military from civilian residential areas and reduction of widespread Army complexes to few specific spots.

* Prevent police interference in land disputes.

*State lands should be left under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Councils.

* Thesavalamai law should be reformed through a internal reform movement among Tamil People.