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Nutritious foods provided for pregnant women

The second phase of program of providing Nutrition products worth 2000 rupees to help Pregnant women was planned to take place on 06.05.2015 in Bogawantalawa,Kothiyagala, Kekarswolt, Kempiyan areas. The nutrients composition which included raw rice and nethili dry fish were contaminated and has been seized, the health inspector said.

When this was sent to the laboratories it has come to know that the rice and nethili were spoiled and not in the state of use.

This nutrient food items were provided by the private store in Maskeliya area. When the health inspector went to test they showed the good product and while packing they has used contaminated items, Ambagamuwa Divisional Secretary H.M.P. Harth said.

However, the rice, greens, eggs, black grams, lentil, nut and pulses were handed over to the pregnant women on 06.05.2015and the products such as rice and nethili which do to contamination were not provided will be provided in the next coming days, Ambagamuwa Divisional Secretary said.

The health inspectors said that steps were taken to clear the contaminated goods from the shop and suit has been filed against the owner of the shop in the Hatton Court.

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