Tamil Diplomat

The street children who run a newspaper in India

A group of street children are busy in an unusual editorial meeting in a house in the Indian capital, Delhi.They are bound by a shared passion to bring out Balaknama (Voice of Children), an eight-page quarterly newspaper which focuses on children living and working on the streets.It proudly calls itself the “world’s unique newspaper for and by street and working children”.

Eighteen-year-old Chandni, the newspaper’s editor, joins the animated discussion over the content of the next edition of the paper whose circulation has gone up from 4,000 to 5,500 copies since she took over a year ago.The reporters have either been street children or have worked as child labourers in Delhi and neighbouring states. They were rescued by Chetna, an NGO that works for the rehabilitation of street children.By one estimate, more than 10 million children live on the streets and are forced into work in India.(BBC2015)