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The Thampaddy Rural Fisheries Society exports 100,000 kgs of crab flesh in just 1 ½ years

The Secretary of the Thampaddy Rural Fisheries Society, said that the Crab Flesh Processing plant of his society in Kayts has exported more than 100,000 Kgs. of Crab flesh in just 1 ½ years in to operation. He further said that the facility is to be expanded and that is completed more than 100 woman- led families will benefit from employment at the facility.

This facility was established in Thampaddy with the funding from UNDP and the country of Norway at a cost of Rs.23 Million was declared open in 2015. Due to the lack of proper collaborators the facility remained closed for some time. However a proper collaborator had been found now and the factory is now operating with 20 women. The inner structure of the factory is being remodeled now and it is expected that the current Export level of 400 kgs. per day will be increased to 1,000 Kgs. and number of women employed will go up to 100. 50 of them will be recruited from Thampaddy and the other 50 from the Divisional Secretary’s area of Kyts, he said.

He further said that all these days crabs were purchased only from Thampaddy fishermen.  But after the expansion crabs will be purchased from other areas. This factory had paved the way for the enhancement of the livelihood of fishermen of Thampaddy  and in the future the livelihood of the fishermen from the Kayts area will be also enhanced, he further said.

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