Tamil Diplomat

The treats of MI continuing: Ex LTTE Carders complain direct to Ranil

“ We are being continually threatened by the MI. They are threatening our wives when we are not present at home. Even after being rehabilitated we are being harassed by the Intelligence people in the guise of inquiries. This should be stopped immediately. If something is to inquired police officers could do it. But if it is going to be the Army again and again,  we will have to commit suicide.” said the former members of the LTTE who had been rehabilitated and released, directly to the Prime Minister Ranil Wicremasinghe, when he attended a meeting, as a part of his 3-day visit to the North.

“ If we go for help to EPDP or TNA, the army come to our homes  and accuse us as aiding war efforts. Are we not entitled to obtain even our livelihood?, they asked further.

Following this, the Prime Minister asked the Army officers who were present at the meeting, to comment on this, but they totally denied these charges. Then the Premier asked the former combatants whether these are happening in the current regime’s rule, and the Ex-combatants, who answered in the affirmative, following which, the PM promised to look in to this matter.