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The un-employed graduates waiting for Government job and losing lucrative Private sector jobs : Says CM

The un-employed graduates are only expecting government jobs and thereby lose lucrative private sector employment which pay them many folds of Government pay, said Justice C.V.Wickneswaran, CM  NPC.

They are only asking for government jobs because they will get a pension after 40 – 50 years. But there are several schemes now to pay for pension and get more pension than Government pension.  One my friend said that “they want work with no work” . I don’t know whether this true or not but, they are kicking away lucrative jobs in private sector in preferring Government jobs.

I recently met a chief cook of a five star hotel in Colombo. He had graduated in cooking in Switzerland and I hear his monthly income exceeds Rs.500,000/=. we do not give due honour to labour. I met a Tamil boy in Brussels Air port, who clean the airport toilets. He happily told about the large income he is getting and money he is ending home. That country gives honour to labour. If he had done his job here, the society here would have excluded him, he said.

He was speaking as the Chief Guest at the  Northern Tourism Conference held at the Green Grass Hotel in Jaffna, yesterday.