Thursday 18 July 2019
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Thellipallai Cancer Hospital in the verge of closure

Thellipallai Cancer Hospital in the verge of closure

The only Cancer Hospital for North and East, is on the verge of being closed, said D.S. Nnishanthnan

Although several years have passed after establishing this hospital, shortages  are prevailing in the hospital for Doctors and other facilities, to date, and no Cancer – Specialist  has been appointed so far he accused.

He met the Media men in a media conference held at the Jaffna Press Club yesterday and said as above.

Established by several benevolent hearts, there are 3 wards in this hospital. There should be 18 doctors  serving here at the rate of 6 doctors per ward. But there are only 9 doctors serving  now at the Hospital. 5 of them are under transfer orders. After that there will be only 4 doctors here. On senior doctor is serving for more than 13 years, by request.

Due to the shortage of doctors here are forced to work round the clock. They are attending clinics at various district hospitals. However with all the difficulties the doctors are giving satisfactory service to the patients, said Dr. Nishanthan

He also requested that the. Central Minister of Health and the Public Service Commission  should approach  this problem with concern and take action to fill the vacancies and the requirements of the hospital and give a new life to the Hospital.

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