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They kept on hitting the dead body after killiing Sumanan by cruel torture: says the witness

An eye witness in the Chunnakam Police Station murder case, testified that the police officers under the influence of liquor, cruelly tortured Sumanan to death and kept on beating the body without realizing that he id  dead.

The testimonies of witnesses in the Chunnakam police murder case were recorded yesterday before the Jaffna High Court judge, M.Illancheliyan yesterday.

One of the youth arrested by the Chunnakam Police accusing them of celebrating Maveerar week, was tortured to death by the police and his body was later recovered from the Iranaimadu Tank and case was closed as a suicide.

However the other youths arrested with him were charged for theft in the Mallakam Court. On their witness there arrest warrants were issued against 8 police officer. Seven of them including the then OIC Chinthika Bandara, were arrested and remanded. 8th person Koby is now living in Canada and International warrant has been against him.

The witness demonstrated how the police officers bound the feet and hands of Sumanan hung him between two tables and tortured him to death. Then he went on to describe how the police office kept on beating the dead body without realizing that sumanan was dead. He also identified the police officers giving their names also correctly.

The case was postponed to March 14th and ordered the remanded until then.