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Thikkam Distillery will be re-commissioned, says Minister Swaminathan

The Thikkam Distillery will be renovated with the funds of the Palmyrah Development Board, and handed over to Palmyrah and Coconut cooperative Society, said the Minister of Rehabilitation, D.M.Swamynathan.

An event for handing over equipment to Palmyrah based hand-craftsmen was held at the Palmyrah – Coconut Cooperative Societies’ Federation hall, yesterday presided by Palmyrah Development Board  Chairman,  E. Sivasankar. Participating as the Chief Guest, the Minister of Resettlement said, we have talked about the renovation of the Thikkam Distillery in the past also. Due to small hindrances, it stayed suspended. Now, I am to renovate Thikkam distillery at a cost of 110 million from the funds allocated to the Palmyrah Development Board by the government and hand it over to the Palmyra Coconut Cooperative Society. If the Craftsmen will produce quality products I could arrange for the export of the articles he said.

When the Chairman requested the houseless craftsmen be inducted into the Minister’s Housing scheme, he replied although he wanted to provide housing some politicians are opposing it.