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Think about our future and avoid trifle : C.V.Wigneswaran,CM

If we think about the present state of Tamil Nation and its future, we will get necessary responsibility spontaneously, said the NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaran.

We should come out of your trifle of doing tit for tat, he said.

The Provincial Exhibition of the Department of Rural Development was held yesterday at the Ilankaiventhan Arts College at Neeraviyadi. Participating as the Chief Guest, the CM further said that, our foerefathers learned to live within their small earnings. we are unable to make our ends meet even though  our whole families work hard, because of our wastages, excessive consumption of electricity, unnecessary luxuries and celebrations.

Engaging in productive work is a good medicine for our empty talks and laziness. Even the officers in our Departments spent their time in idle talk and fail in their duties. Please come forward to engage in constructive work, he said.