Tamil Diplomat

This is a trial period; be ready for democratic struggle: Mavai in Vavuniya

” The activities of the Tamil National Alliance with the new regime will be as in a trial period. If our aspirations are not fulfilled democratic struggle will explode and the people should be ready for that”, said the Leader of the Federal Party, Mavai Senathirajah.

He said so after opening ‘Thayagam’ as the Vavuniya District secretariat of the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi yesterday morning, he further said that the decision to support Maithri is a well deliberated decision and if they have not taken the decision, Mahindha would have been in power for another 8 years and all the identities of the Tamil people would have been destroyed by him.

Elaborating further he said there, ” The revolution in the south had influenced internationally and countries like India  and America focused their attention here; we had discussions with them and on the basis of them we declared our decision; people listened our opinion; because of the they had voted in great numbers; We could not be a political party if we can’t face an election; hence we announced our decision; and supported Maithri; If we want to realize what we had fought for  in the past, our homeland should remain our homeland; we defeated the very man who destroyed our homeland; we too are a nation; we too have sovereignty; we can get our rights only if we preserve the land and identity;  the decision to drive away the man who caused these tribulations is a right decision.

” We are not taking actions with faith in this government; we have not made any agreement with this new regime; we talking about the land problems of our people the problem of the political prisoners and the political solution; they are doing something; they are promising to do other things; we declared in our party conference held in Vavuniya that struggle will explode in the month of January, if this government will not solve our problem; but a new government has come;  some changes had taken place; ” they say they will carry out re-settlement; a change had taken place on the Northern Provincial Council; they have promised to hand over the lands;  so we have to allow some time to solve our problems; we have given that time postponing our struggle; if we will not get our solution, we will rally the people  and our struggle will be staged; we should get ready for that; This is a trial period; we acted in concurrence with the international community; hence if are not getting our solution, our struggle will be continued.”, he said.