Tamil Diplomat

Thought Provoking Hindu Doctrine

 Translated by: V.F.Joseph

The story of the birth of this creation

A meeting of the Tamil Forum was organized at the home of ‘Annan’ (Elder brother) Nallathamby Sivanathan, that great poet, who gave a volume of poetry titled “ Truth will not die”. Sam Pratheeban, whom I admire as a great Artist, was also present there. At the end of the meeting he inquired and requested me whether I could write a series on Hindu Doctrine, which I am currently teaching, for the website to be created by some young journalists including himself. That encouragement was the catalyst in the birth of this article. I, who was in the writing field from 1965, and then evolved into journalism, research field and finally into Teaching had earlier spoken to him only for a few minutes. I had seen and heard only few of his programmes. If, Sam Pratheeban had transformed himself in mind into a leading poet, a responsible journalist, a drama artist hailed by humanity, another Artistic pearl born out of the march for home land, nationalism and autonomy, it is because of his Artistry. He has ascended the Artistic throne not only in my mind but also in the hearts of thousands in the world of Tamil enthusiasts. Although I have remained adamant in not writing to web sites despite several requests, I have now come forward to write in his web site under the title of ‘Thought provoking Hindu Doctrine.’, and meeting you, the Tamil Eelam brethren and respected people, starting with a thought of “Sivagnanapotha Soothirankal” (Divinity Artifices) – An Initial Introduction, being unable to refuse the request of a genuine Artist.

What is ‘Thought provoking Hindu Doctrine.’

We have spent several years in migratory life. It is an undeniable fact that, the Diaspora life had helped to earn and save, learn and rise, and enjoy things that are not available in the Mother land. At the same time lost our kith and kin, things closer to our hearts and lives because of Sinhala chauvinism and state terrorism. While we aspire to create pride I n the new location our younger generation had shed the cultural values and are keen in reaching for the modern trends. Poor youngsters! They are pulled between several schools of thoughts, in that, whether to believe the scientific Evolution theory of Darwin, which they studied at school…or the discourses of Professor Richard Dorkins, who was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and recorded his thoughts while serving in the Faculty of Micro Biology in the Balial College of the Oxford University, in his book, “God Delusion”, that, God is a wrong belief… or what they heard on Sundays in the Gospel reading … or the Gods, their parents trained them to worship. The hearts of the Tamil youth of the Diaspora are wavering as to which they should believe. The cause for the gasping in life is that, their parents are not pay their attention to their own thinking, literature and religious books but they seek their lives in Sanskritization and Europeanization and making their children to do the same. I did my research in “ Realism and creativity in Tamil fiction”, under Professor K. Sivathamby, whom I respect and love, was used to speak to me often over the telephone, during the last few of his life. In his long conversations he used to say that he will call the advancement of a communal stand point which will conserve the beliefs of our soil and the natures of our traditions in their natural states, as “National Communism”. Without doing that, we tried to pour Marxism, one of the best thoughts of the world, which was born in Germany, faced problems in France and got a Doctrinal form in England, in its original form into our soil, and that is the cause for the setbacks in its spreading in our soil. Reminding me that, I am a person who undertook research in Marxism for my three different degrees in three different viewpoints, he used to tell me to do a re-study of literature and doctrines of the Tamils, fitting them against the current times.

Not only Economic systems but all that belong to the man should be reproduced.
Karl Marx’s close friend, Engels think that, Even Karl Marx, in his discourse about Re-Production had said it in a sense of re-producing everything that belong to the mankind. Many do not know that, Karl Marx had commended Hinduism for having ‘God is love’ as its base. While not forgetting that, Hindu doctrinal books are the continuation of thoughts of the ancient Hindu Religion, if we take into consideration that, as these books are people’s creations in Tamil, they consist of inherent elements of Social, Economical, Political, spiritual emancipation, when approaching them scientifically, they could create another era, although they were the creations of an older era.
Praying at His feet that May the Guidance of the Graces of Our Lord Almighty, make this not my exposition, but may it be His exposition and by his grace I commence my creation.