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Thousands join to pay Homage to murdered students at the Jaffna University

A homage paying event was held at the Kailasapathy Hall of University of Jaffna, in memory of the two students Nadarajah Kajan (23 years – Kilinochchi) and Wijayakumar Suluxan (24 years – Chunnakam) who were killed in police shooting on 20th last month.

The who claimed that the students were killed in accident later accepted that, they have fired on them. Subsequent to this, 5 policemen of the Jaffna police were arrested over incident and the inquiries and case are proceeding.

The University students are engaged in non-violent campaigns demanding justice for thr student deaths, compensation for the family and assurance for non occurrence of similar incidents.

In this context, the University community got together and paid homage to the dead students with floral tributes, lighting of sacrificial flames and by offering prayers.

More than thousand people including Dean of the faculties, Professors and students participated in the event.