Tamil Diplomat

Three arrested from Vadamaradchchi East yesterday by Police

A Police team which came from Trincomalee had arrested 3 persons from Vadamaradchchi East, Kaddaikadu and Aaliyawalai. Confirming these arrests, the Palai police said that the police team which had made the arrests had informed them about the arrests. They said that, they had been informed that two from Kaddaikadu and one from Aaliyawalai had been arrested by them.

George Rajanayagam(42), V.Michael (45) were arrested from Mulliyan, Kaddaikadu and  although one  person was arrested from Aaliyawalai at noon yesterday, it was not clear as to he was arrested by CID or TID.

Meanwhile the President had assured the Media Editors who met him yesterday in Colombo, that he will contact relevant officials regarding the serial arrests and will take appropriate action about it.