Monday 16 July 2018
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Three opinions on an alternate Leadership for Tamils: says Suresh Premachandran

Three opinions on an alternate Leadership for Tamils: says Suresh Premachandran

Southern parties are trying to gain a foothold in the North and East and looking forward the growth of their respective parties. Tamil Leadership should shed their differences and act unitedly.

An attempt is made to create a Constitution to reflect the aspirations of the Tamil and Muslim people. The righteous responsibility of showing active interest in finding ways and means for a solution with the concurrence international community.  They should act with the opinion of the CM that the concept of alternate leadership be abandoned in mind.

If dissatisfaction regarding the Leadership appear in North and East, it will make the political proposals and demands for rights into a big question mark.

If Wicky refuses another alternate leadership will be the need of the day, says Suresh Premachandran

If CM, Wigneswaran declines the Leadership for trekking the right path in the current context, another alternate Leadership or a joint Leadership may come into existence. Those who could provide Leadership, those who have ability or those who could embrace the people and handle their problems could carry the mantle of Leadership. This is a matter to be decided by the people, not dependent on individual people.

Does the EPRLF party or its member Sivasakthy Anananthan  has any qualification in history to question the political leadership or to speak about alternate leadership asked pungently, MP Saravanapawan and put forward some turbulent ideas in his news release.

They have said that the time has come to think about a new leadership. They are telling it from right inside the TNA. If they cannot reconcile with the leadership they shoud go out of the party and put forward their ideas.

All along history their adorable style is to betray any one or any thing to preserve their interests.

They turned their guns against the very people for whom they claimed to have taken the gun, and gained the nick name “Mandayan Kulu”. The Tamil people should be vigilant about them.

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