Sunday 20 January 2019
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Three Senior Members of the LTTE plead: Let us cry at Muliwaikkal in peace

Three  Senior Members of the LTTE plead: Let us cry at Muliwaikkal in peace

Three Senior members of the LTTE, who made long term contributions for the Liberation Struggle, Palippody Sinnaththurai (Yogan Father – Baticalo) Aathmalingam Raveenthra (Ruban – Trincomalee) and Muthukumar Manohar (Basheer Kaakka – Jaffna) held a press conference at the Jaffna Press Club, yesterday. They jointly made the above appeal at this press meeting.

In the present context, we consider that not performing our duties is a betrayal to our friends and sisters who had trekked the long path to freedom, along with us and become Maveerars, and our dear people who had braved with us right up to Muliwaikkal and subjected to merciless genocide perpetrated by Security Forces by land, sea and air.

Our people said that they had been led by a proper Leadership until May 18th. We thank our people and bow to them in respect.

We see hidden agendas behind the calls of  “Rally Unitedly”. We are sad to hear people saying that untoward incidents will happen if their agenda is carried out. We, the participants in the liberation struggle know very well the continuous contributions to the Liberation struggle by the Students of the Jaffna University.

The incidents caused by misguided people during the commemorations of Annai Poopathy and Mamanithar Sivaram had hurt our feelings badly.

Whatever said and done the Genocide Resolution of the NPC was of importance to the whole world. It  categorically drummed the injustices caused to our people. We are of the opinion that nobody should act in any way that would decimate the importance of that Resolution. It is not acceptable that the contribution of the CM in adopting this resolution being used for the advancement of somebody’s own agenda.

We expect that the future commemorations should be undertaken by a non-political group of religious dignitaries. We hope that our request will be considered by everyone concerned, they said.

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