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Thuyillumillams risen with new lease of life, Relatives mourn at approximate locations of graves of their fallen Children

All the Thullumillams released by the Army and un-occupied ones were enthusiastically and sentimentally cleaned by the people and unexpected number of people flowed into them yesterday evening, lighted up the Thuyillumillams with Sacrificial flames and poured out their sorrows pent up for the last 7-9 years, at approximate locations of the graves of their loved who had fallen as Maveerars in the war for the liberation of Tamil People.

The intrusions of security forces were minimal with even the police directing traffic at Kanagapuram and Mulankavil Thuyillumillams. When the large number of people who participated left the Thuyillumillams traffic jams were caused and the police was at hand to direct the traffic.


Lighting of sacrificial flame was held at the Memorial for Thileepan in the morning led by MPC, M.K.Sivagilingam.  A commemoration was also held at the Memorial shrine for the first Maveerar Lt.Sankar, located near Vannichchi Amman Temple on Udupiddy-Valveddithurai road also led by Sivajilingam.


The main sacrificial flame was lighted at Mulankavil was lighted by Mawai Senathyrajah, Leader of ITAK and the one at Kanagapuram Kilinochchi by Sritharan, MP. MP, Saravanabawan lighted the flame at Chaddi Thuyillumillam. At Aalkaddivelly Thuyillumillam, The President of the Mannar Citizen group, Rev.Fr. Sebamalai lighted the main flame.MP, Charles Nirmalanathan lighted the Flameat Periya Pandiviruchchan Thuyillumillam.

Commemorations were also held at the ITAK office in Martyn Road, Passaiyoor, Jaffna, Mullaitheevu beach, Uduthurai Thuyillumillam, Jaffna University, Eastern University, Vantharumoolai. As Mulliyawalai Thuyillumillam is occupied by the Army people gathered at the Basilan Street to light the sacrificial flame. In another event people lighted candles in memory of their Maveerars at the Koolamurippu Church in Odduchuddan. MP, Thurairatnasingam led the commemoration at the Thanthai Chelve memorial shrine at Sivankovilady Trincomalee. MPc, Thavarasa Kalaiyarasan led the commemoration in the Pillaiyar at Amparai. The commemoration at Batticaloa was held at the office of MP, S.Yogeswaran’s office in Bar Road.2.

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