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TID arrests 10 persons in the last 5 days

10 persons have been arrested and taken to Colombo in the last five days including 3 students attending school now. The above arrests have been made on suspicion that the arrested are connected to the Sword slashing and threatening police personnel incidents that happened recently in the North. Persons who came from Colombo, identifying them as TID have made these arrests.

Thus, 3 youths from Kokkuvil Sillalai, Thirunelvely were arrested on 5th, 3 youths from Chunnakam and Maruthamadam on 6th , 3 from Kokkuvi and Thirulvely  on the 7th and 8th were were arrested.

Yesterday also one youth was arrested from Pandatherippu was arrested

The relatives of the arrested have complained to the HRC – Jaffna, that the reasons for arresting these youths were not revealed to them.