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TID’s arrests continue in North & East, Former militants and Tamil Nationalist activists in fear

The serial arrests now taking place in the North and East had pushed the former militants and Tamil Nationalist Activists into fear.

In the past 30 days 30 persons had been arrested by the TID in the North and East and had been taken to Colombo 4th floor and Boosa camp. LTTE’s former Intelligence chief Trincomalee district,  Kalaiarasan  and S.Sivakaran from Mannar and member of ITAK were arrested yesterday by the TID.

For the past few days, former commanders of the LTTE are being arrested one after the other. Last Sunday, former Ampara Commander Ram was arrested at his home. On Tuesday the former Special Commander of Charles Antony Brigade was arrested. Kalaiarasan had been arrested day before yesterday.

Relatives had made complaints to Human Rights Commission about the arrests of 06 persons by the TID. One from Kilinochchi, Two from Chavakachcheri, one from Kalviyankadu, one from Manipay, and one from Neervely, said the HRC coordinator for Northern Region, T.Kanagaraj.