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Tigers did a magnificent service after the Tsunami disaster, praises Sritharan

Tigers did a magnificent service after the Tsunami disaster to the amazement of the world. We are in s hapless position losing everything we had. But we will not lose our will. We will continue with hope, said MP, Sritharan speaking in the 11 anniversary commemoration of the Tsunami disaster held at Uduthurai.

Continuing further he said Tiger gave a full contribution after the disaster in such a way that former American President Bill Clinton met the director of TRO, Regi and congratulated on an excellent service provided by the Tigers. They utilized their military units and provided a magnificent service to people affected by the Tsunami. At that time a memorial tower was constructed and opened by Brigadier Thamil Chelvan. These details are hidden now. They may be hidden but they are etched in our memories.

We are not in a position to say publicly that we are not only crying for our  close ones we lost to Tsunami but also the close ones we lost to the war, said he.