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This is the time to reject TNA: Gajendrakumar’s call to constituent parties of TNA

The Leader of the TNPF, Gajendrakumar said that, constituent parties should get out from TNA, without playing a dual role to Tamil people in being constituent parties of TNA and TPC.

He accused that these parties are acting in a way to safeguard the leadership of TNA, which is engaging in fraudulent politics and come forward to pursue honest politics of the Tamil people.

He was speaking to the media men in the media conference held yesterday at the office of his party.

Elaborating further he said that, there are two important matters in politics relevant to the future of the Tamil people. They are Federal solution and the accountability to genocide. Only if we do not compromise on these two matters, we could put a full stop to all atrocities that are occurring for the past 65 years.

In this context, the leadership of the TNA had said that they will not insist on Federal Solution and is ready to accept unitary state system. Recently, it has become public that they had agreed to granting grace period to the Government by the UN. As far as Tamil people are concerned the TNA Leadership is pursuing fraudulent politics and perpetrating outright betrayal on Tamil.

The parties who are part of the TNA, criticize TNA on one side and show that they are in the TPC. They cannot act in the TPC while being with the TNA. If they do it, they will be helping the TNA to pursue their fraudulent politics. Hence the parties in TNA should take a firm sdecision in rejecting the Leadership of the TNA.

We are not against unity. But that unity should be truthful and meaningful. Tamil people have placed their total faith on the TPC. That faith should not be betrayed, he said