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TNA MPs are being sold to UNP: Shocking information revealed on MPs involved in personalized individual deals


At the beginning of this week, there was a meeting held between President Maithripala Sirisena and the Chief Ministers of all the provinces. Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran had participated in this meeting and revealed some comments. There were some information revealed subsequently which has frozen many in shock. It is being said that some of the TNA members have been asked to come to South Sri Lanka to discuss Northern Province development plan and during this meeting personalized deals were done with them and a large amount of money was provided to them in these individual deals. C.V. Wigneswaran complained this to the President as this action is aimed at dividing Tamil National Alliance.

In this regard, it is said that the President has expressed his shock and said that he will put his attention on this matter. When analyzing this information in more detail, much more shocking information related to this were obtained that put the honesty of the members of TNA and its constituent parties at risk and also creating suspicions on their interest to get political resolution for Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

There are information getting leaked now on the TNA members obtaining a heavy sum of money on personalized deals basis from UNP. Other than that, there was a multi million dollar vehicle presented to a TNA member praising his faithfulness by UNP. Further news inputs say that only the main parties within TNA have connections in this matter. Now there also has been a competition among them saying one person has got more, and another got less or nothing like that. Hence they started revealing information about each other. Many news websites have published information regarding this and after seeing them, Northern province people have started crying thinking about their fate.

TNA Mps Sold

Cartoon published in Thinakkural on 13 June 2015

However none of the TNA members have commented about their views on this matter.  This further makes the people to doubt on these deals. Hence it is important for TNA to come clean and explain this matter to people clearly. Even though Tamil people welcomed Maitiripala Sirisena got elected in this presidential election, they have seen the UNP leader becoming this country’s Prime Minister with caution only.

Many people know about the fact that UNP had done cunning activities and plans in 2002 time frame to create a split within LTTE and the role of UNP leaders in weakening LTTE. Some political analysts had openly criticized that similar situations can happen to Tamil National Alliance also.

Some Tamil leaders have expressed their opinions that one can not come to a conclusion just based on what happened in the past alone and started to create an environment for them to do their political trade.

They also have indicated the activities of Muslim leaders and said to the people that we can also act positively and get political concessions from the government and give to society. They also succeeded in making people to believe the above points they said.

At the height of the above opinion, there were opinions tried to be created in such a way that TNA should get Ministry posts at the Centre. Once they got opposition to this from Tamil people and those powers that can influence the decisions of TNA, they stopped pursuing that opinion and their Ministry dreams.

This can be clear for the people who keenly watch the Tamil national politics. Initially only few people from TNA have close links with UNP government. Others have kept a distance and even criticized the government. But now almost many of the TNA members in some way or other sing the tune praising government or at least they don’t criticize nowadays. Why this change? How this change happened in just 100 days? These questions normally come up on this.

In this situation only, Northern Province Chief Minister has revealed the fact of personalized deals done by TNA members with UNP party in his meeting with the President. There were huge sum of money exchanged. Is it legal or illegal? Is it based on personal friendship? These facts can not be ascertained till now.

However these deals have created many doubts among people.

1. When this information shared for the first time with the President by the Chief Minister, he expressed his shock which shows that neither he nor his ministry knows about this transfer of money. Now doubts arise on the source of money, whether it is government money or UNP party money.

2. Most of the leaked information says that this money was obtained after submitting development plans only. There is no custom routine in which a parliamentary member submits a development plan, that too who is not a minister and from the opposition party. Then why this exclusive method was followed only for these members? When there is no common methodology to give such a huge sum based on development plan for all the parliamentary members in general, why such a large sum of money provided to them?

3. Strengthening the Provincial Council and its activities is an important aspect for Tamil people towards their journey to get their political solution. NPC also continuously protests with Central government to get their authorities. In this situation, it is expected that development plans for the province would go through NPC to central government and request for funds. Instead of that, individual MPs approaching UNP directly to obtain the funds has created strong doubts about the governance. There is one way followed north to Vavuniya and some other way in the south to Vavuniya. TNA should understand that this approach won’t last long.

4. Have these members informed their party’s central committee about getting these large sum of money and other exclusive benefits? Have they informed this to people through media? When they give 10 chickens and two sewing machines, they take photographs and publicize that in the media. Now they have got huge sum of money in the name of development plan for province, but they have not revealed any information on this or their approach in any media including news papers. Why did they blacken this?

5. Some of the TNA members have gone near the Prime Minister when he visited Jaffna. Is it for getting these cheap deals?

6. The decision of not taking part in the government is to make clear to people that they can not be bought and they work towards getting Tamil people rights as their priority. Now how it is correct to go and get these exclusive benefits secretly in the name of development plans? Won’t this create a dual action of telling people something and doing something else? Hence TNA leaders and parliamentary members should make these facts clear to people.

Ranil Jaffna

Otherwise all should get abuses for the mistakes done by few. It will become of an action of bringing corruption to Tamil national leaders in history. Hence the facts should be clearly revealed of the member names and the amount they got in these deals. That should reach people. Alternatively TNA members should come forward and say that they have got none of these exclusive benefits or huge sum of money in these deals. Instead of that, keeping silence is not a way of healthy politics and it will create much more doubts only.

We can do anything. People will support us. This kind of thinking has gone deep inside TNA members. The World history shows that this kind of people have been thrown out at the end. “All people can not be cheated always” is a saying that can not be forgot during these moments.