Sunday 29 March 2020
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TNA MPs in fury as to how people are learning ‘in house’ truths

TNA MPs in fury as to how people are learning ‘in house’ truths

The matters spoken in the Parliamentary group meeting are being made available through news papers. Somebody in the Parliamentary group is leaking out this news, said the Spokesman of TNA and MP, M.A.Sumanthiran. Leader of ITAK and MP, Mawai Senathyrasa also supported his view.

The Parliamentary group meeting of the TNA was held yesterday and more than 1 ½ hours were spent in strongly criticizing the Media.

News papers are writing against the TNA. The matters spoken in the meetings are being published in detail in the papers. The matters spoken about the No-confidence Motion on Ranil had been published in full in the papers. Some MP in the meeting had given the lead to the News Papers. They are doing so even after being asked not to disclose anything to the papers, said Sumanthiran with fury to the MPs. MP, Mawai Senathyrasa also acknowledged what Sumanthiran said.

After the criticism on the media, it had been spoken about the position the TNA will take regarding Maithri’s address. The decision of whether the TNA will vote in support or not of Maiyhri’s address will be taken in a meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

It was decided that the 20th Amendment to be tabled by JVP will be supported only if it will also include political Solution.

 A decision was also taken to convene the meeting of the Leaders of the Constituent Parties on 10th.

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