Tamil Diplomat

TNA provokes youth to gain political mileage : Devananda

EPDP Leader Jaffna Parliamentarian Douglas Devanada has charged that Tamil National Alliance engages in activities that can provoke the youth with an intention of gaining political mileage.

He was making a special statement in Parliament. He also charged that the TNA is playing politics with the Tamil prisoners’ issue.

He stated that they earlier said they would have discussions with the government to get these prisoners released and obtain the lands acquired by the military and the government. They must tell the Tamil people What had happened to those discussions? Now they are criticizing the government and provoking the youth against the government. These provocations were made for petty political advantages and not for the love of those Tamil youth.

He said the incident concerning the student Rajeshwaran Senthuran’s suicide was a sensitive issue. A day would dawn when the youth would react against those forces who are attempting to provoke them.