Tamil Diplomat

TNA ready to grant one more year to the government to implement UN resolution, but place two conditions

The leadership of TNA is prepared to grant one more year to the Government, if the government so wishes, but before that the government should fulfill the promises made regarding certain matters.

The UNHRC session are to be held next March in Geneva.The government has no other way except asking for 1 year time.

“The Government had to fulfill 8 matters accepted in UN. For that the TNA may support the government on two conditions. Out of this, only the secretariat for missing persons has been established. Other matters have not been even touched.

We will consent to the extension of time only on two conditions. We will take into consideration the changes that occur till March with regard to adoption of the new Constitution. Next, the matters that could be done immediately, such as re;lease of TPPs and resettlement should be completed in full.”, said the Spokesman of the TNA, MP, M.A.Sumanthiran