Sunday 29 March 2020
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TNA has weakened, says Leader of Plot , T.Siththarththan

TNA has weakened, says Leader of Plot , T.Siththarththan

The Leader of PLOT, T.Siththarththan has said after the Central Committee meeting that, whether we like it or not, the truth is that, the TNA has weakened. The LG election results have clearly shown that.

The Politburo meeting of the PLOT was held yesterday at Vavuniya. This meeting was held at a private Hotel in Vavuniya, presided by the Leader of PLOT Tharmalingam Siththarththan. After the Politburo meeting was concluded, a press Conference was held.

Speaking at this conference he said that there is much confusion prevailing within the Government. Large scale conflict had between the two major parties.

General consensus was that this Government cannot reach a fair solution.

At the same time, there are situations where the ITAK may take its own decisions. I do not consider that there are much changes in them. They had to correct themselves.

Whether we like it or not TNA had been weakened. The LG Elections clearly demonstrated this, he said.

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