Tamil Diplomat

TNA welcomes UN Report

The spokesman for TNA and MP, Sumanthiran said that the TNA welcome the whole contents of the UNHRC Report on Sri Lanka.

The Commissioner of the UNHRC, Prince Seid Al Hussein had submitted the UNHRC Report on Sri Lanka yester in the 30th Sessions of UNHRC currently in progress in Geneva.

Commenting further he said, several aspects regarding human rights violations and war crimes perpetrated by the Sri Lankan Army in the final war against  the Tamils, which were insisted continuously by Tamil people for a long time were included in this report.

Several aspects insisted by the TNA continuously are also included in the report. It was also recommended that hybrid-Tribunals must be set up to aid just investigations. This is an investigation conducted in accordance with the International Law.

Hence he requested that Sri Lanka should implement the promises it had given to the UN, he said.