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TNA will form the Government in the Eastern Province – Leader of the opposition Thandayuthapani

“The Eastern Provincial Council is currently under our control. The Tamil National Alliance which is possessing majority members in the Provincial will be forming the government of the province” said the Opposition leader from the Tamil National Alliance, and a member of the Eastern Provincial council S.Thandayuthapani.

Towards this end, we will be holding negotiation with parties’ consensus with us, he further said.

He stated this in a press conference held Office of the Opposition leader of the Provincial Council, yesterday.

The Budget that was to be submitted in last December was postponed that day, because of the improper activity of the government. If they have done things honestly, the voting could have been held that day. It was postponed in the interest of the president’s Election held recently.

In the conjuncture of the council session was held today, a Presidential election with political changes had been held.

Regime change had occurred. Certain political parties which were in power in the Easter Province had left that power. Today’s session was held with the party in power not having the majority, with the Muslim Congress and the All Ceylon Muslim Congress leaving the ruling alliance and supporting the common opposition candidate.

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On the forthcoming 21st, a new government will take over in the Eastern Provincial Council. We will inform soon, as to who and who are going to take part in the new government.

Central Government is one and the Provincial Council is another. The Tamil National Alliance is firm in not accepting Central Cabinet. We cannot take the same stand in the Eastern Province. The Eastern Provincial Council is under our control and we have the majority. Hence the responsibility of forming government rest with the Tamil National Alliance.